About us

Honorable President



Adv. Shripatrao Dinkarrao Shinde

Dear Students and Educators,

I extend a warm welcome to all of you at our D. K. Shinde College of Education, Gadhinglaj. It is a pleasure to address you from the Prsident Desk.

As the Prsident of this D. K. Shinde College of EDucation, Gadhinglaj, I am honored to lead a community dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in education. Our commitment is to nurture the future leaders of education, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and values required to make a meaningful impact in classrooms and beyond.

At D. K. Shinde College of Education, Gadhinglaj, we recognize the pivotal role educators play in shaping society. Our faculty members are passionate about fostering your growth and ensuring that you receive a holistic education. We are not just focused on academics; we also emphasize the development of critical thinking, creativity, and a commitment to lifelong learning.

This website serves as a portal to our educational ecosystem, where you will find information about our programs, faculty, research initiatives, and more. Whether you are a prospective student exploring your options or a current member of our college community, we aim to provide you with the resources and support needed for your success.

I encourage you to engage actively with our college, collaborate with your peers, and embrace the values of diversity, innovation, and ethical leadership that define our institution.

Thank you for entrusting us with your education. Together, we will continue to advance the field of education and empower individuals to shape a brighter future.

[Adv. S.D. Shinde] President, CSIBER Trust